Beautiful Bamboo
Refill, Reduce, Reuse.

Well What is Love Your Cup?

Love Your Cup is a social enterprise based in Co. Clare that sells beautiful, dishwasher safe, re-usable, bio-degradable, bamboo coffee cups.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of single use plastic coffee cups going to landfill, creating cleaner and more sustainable cities, towns and villages.

We want people to fall in love with their own re-usable coffee cup and give up the habit of single use plastic coffee cups - forever!

My Story

Love Your Cup was founded by Róisín Garvey from Inagh, Co. Clare, who has been involved in environmental education and community work for many years.

'I see the children in the schools get it. They are doing their best to stop throwing away things after using them once. I thought if I could design beautiful, bio-degradable cups made from a beautiful substance that that would encourage adults to do the same.

They could buy their beautiful cup, have it, mind it, re-use it and love it!'

Why it matters?

Reduce waste

  • At least 200 million single use cups get land filled every year in Ireland.
  • They end up as litter on our streets, in our streams and rivers, and ultimately in the sea.
  • They take up so much space in bins and landfill.

Save money

  • By getting businesses to offer cheaper hot drinks, customers can save money on a daily basis. At a discount of up to 30¢ per day, customers can save over €100 a year on take away drinks.
  • Businesses can reduce the cost associated with supplying drinks containers to their customers.

Beautiful Cups

  • We supply stylish cups with cool designs, that people love and want to take care of and reuse over and over. Businesses can sell these cups at a profit and gift their staff to reduce waste in their businesses.

Bulk Orders

For retailers or companies looking to bulk buy, we can design a cup for you with your own logo and preferred color scheme. Contact us for details:

Also available at all these businesses

Get Involved

Our goal is for every city, town and village across Ireland to adopt the Love Your Cup project. If you would like to bring Love Your Cup to your area, get in touch with us or like our Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest news and events.

For retailers or companies looking to bulk buy, please email Roisin directly.

For more information please contact us at